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Conditions I can help…..

Conditions I can help…..

The symptoms of poor foot mechanics can cause several problems.  Problems in Gait can cause a chain reaction and cause problems in the feet and also further up the body.

I may prescribe orthotics to treat a number of medical conditions.

Examples include:

Localised foot pain

Plantar fasciitis (severe Heel pain) ORTHOTICS are a particular help for Plantar fasciitis

Heel spurs. Are conditions where excess bone grows on the back or bottom of the heel. Orthotics can support the foot and reduce inflammation.

Bunions (Big Toe Joint) are painful bumps that can develop at the base of the big toe and cause foot deformities. Orthotics can help to reduce pressure on the big toe.

Hammer toes   –  often occur as a side effect of bunions on the big toe. They cause second-toe pain and deformities on the ball of the foot. Orthotics can provide additional support to the feet and reduce the likelihood that hammer toes will worsen.

 Mortons Neuroma  

Metatarsalgia (forefoot pain) Forefoot feels like you are walking on stones.

Flat feet (low arch) can cause painful arches. Flat feet can cause foot, ankle, and back pain. Orthotics can help to support the feet and promote proper foot positioning.

Cavus foot (high arch) Very high arches can stress muscles in the feet and lead to a number of conditions, such as shin splints, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis. Orthotics can help prevent a person’s feet from rolling excessively inward or outward

Achiilles tendonitis

Shin splints

Knee pain-  Knees hurting when walking/running

Hip & IT Band discomfort

Lower back pain Back pain. Sometimes poor positioning of the feet, such as arches that roll inward, or lack of cushioning can cause pain that orthotics can lessen.

Rheumatoid arthritis & osteoarthritis can cause discomfort in the feet and poor positioning that orthotics may help to correct.

Bursitis. Inflammation of fluid-filled sacs in the heels and toes can cause bursitis pain and discomfort. Orthotics with heel and arch support can help to reduce bursitis discomfort.

Diabetes. Sometimes, a person with diabetes can lose sensation in their feet, a condition known as diabetic neuropathy. When this occurs, orthotics can help to reduce excess stress and pressure that can lead to foot ulcers.

Injuries. People who’ve experienced trauma to their feet and ankles may require extra support during the healing process with orthotics.

A feeling of rolling in or rolling out when you walk

A feeling of instability when you walk, balance becoming worse

Poor posture

Walking /running uncomfortable

Repeated sports injuries like shin splints & Achilles tendonitis

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